About Midheimur

What is Midheimur?

  • Midheimur is an open world role playing game (RPG) with third person view. It´ is a small team project that wants to show the world that it is possible to develop a game with limited financial resources. We use paid assets from external vendors to save time and budget for the project. The core of our project is FCS by developer Jon Beardsel. His talented team is developing the core mechanics for a small development team like us. This core and heart of the game is complete, and we just need to adapt it to our needs. It can be used in different games without the player knowing it´ is FCS. Many thanks to Jon!

  • Story is set betwen 5th and 6th century
  • The game is a combination of authentic world and the fantasy aspects of our culture. We can say that the proportion of humans/creatures will be 70/30
  • We do not want to have a world full of creatures, they must be rare and connected to the plot.
  • Collaboration with archeologists and history buffs to make the world as realistic as possible
  • The storyline is set to the area of Súľovské skaly and the size of the landscape is 8×8 km. The landscape was scanned with lidar and a high-resolution scanner. Mountain peaks, roads and even the locations of current houses are visible, so our team is polishing the map to have it back in 550.
  • The combination of authentic Slavic world and our ancient legends and fantasies opens a new book for good stories
  • We will be able to meet different historical tribes and even ancient tombs of, for example, the Roman Empire and it is only up to the player to find them. It can quickly improve the progress through the game.
  • The better equipped you are, the smoother your progress will be.
  • In some parts of the maps, better-equipped armoured warriors will spawn, against whom you will not stand a chance in battle. Your survival depends on your equipment and not on your character level.
  • The map will be full of accessible dungeons, caves and special sights.
  • The character’s inventory is calculated realistically to avoid unrealistic loot picking.
  • You can invite NPCs inthe game to go on a mission with you, his inventory can be entered and you can transfer loot to his inventory. This item is already implemented and working.
  • We want to give players a historical feel by getting an idea of how important hill fortifications were in Europe in the early Middle Ages, before stone castles were built in our region.